Writing to my fellow countrymen and women. 
Are we not revolutionary?
As to beat our white oppressors at the game of oppressing.
First free Black Republic!
Now unable to speak, freely.
Silenced once again by their ascendancy.
The man elected by our now adopted country,
wants to get rid of people like you and me;
Hardworking and determined.
Because our skin are not light enough.
Writing to my fellow countrymen and women; to say do we have to stay and be insulted verbally?
Eventually then, wait and see if they will start coming for us physically?
Or can we mobilize now and take back our country?
Give back to our home land,
our beautiful home.
The only Sh**t hole in this situation is the asshole put in place without any basic understanding of humanity…
Yet, this was who people saw fit,
to save us from this oppressing pit.
We have now become more oppressed,
by the lacked of acceptance.
More hopeless, by the acts of pure ignorance.
In a place built on the backs of immigrants.
Do you hear me Mr. Trump?
We won’t back down.
Much like we didn’t from the French.
We are much stronger than you can possibly comprehend….
We are much better than your hatred stance.
We will still be here, long after you are impeached….47F8F2CB-5941-4949-B779-DBB4A75736FA



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