Many of us came here as children and today work hard to give back to a country that doesn’t always love us back. What if we could mobilize to create coalitions? What if we could use the skills we’ve obtained to bring programming that will further empower Haiti? Do you think you will take part in the movement? Stop talking and start doing! We are stronger together? Do you think it’s possible?

Let’s discussed reasons we should encourage Haitians reintegration?

Writing to my fellow countrymen and women. 
Are we not revolutionary?
As to beat our white oppressors at the game of oppressing.
First free Black Republic!
Now unable to speak, freely.
Silenced once again by their ascendancy.
The man elected by our now adopted country,
wants to get rid of people like you and me;
Hardworking and determined.
Because our skin are not light enough.
Writing to my fellow countrymen and women; to say do we have to stay and be insulted verbally?
Eventually then, wait and see if they will start coming for us physically?
Or can we mobilize now and take back our country?
Give back to our home land,
our beautiful home.
The only Sh**t hole in this situation is the asshole put in place without any basic understanding of humanity…
Yet, this was who people saw fit,
to save us from this oppressing pit.
We have now become more oppressed,
by the lacked of acceptance.
More hopeless, by the acts of pure ignorance.
In a place built on the backs of immigrants.
Do you hear me Mr. Trump?
We won’t back down.
Much like we didn’t from the French.
We are much stronger than you can possibly comprehend….
We are much better than your hatred stance.
We will still be here, long after you are impeached….47F8F2CB-5941-4949-B779-DBB4A75736FA



We share this space together,
yet, you still hold all of the power.
“I am afraid to make you feel you uncomfortable”.
Because you believe you are entitled
To touch my hair! Since you feel it’s tangible.
Have you forgotten this was my personal space?
We do not have to make this about race,
you have violated my basic right to coexist in this place.
By touching part of my body,
without asking me
As if I am the one somehow who is crazy.
Why am angry?
While you feel it’s okay for you to exert your supremacy,
I simply would like for you to know, I belong to me.



Do not touch my hair!

I almost reached cloud nine
When karma pulled me back to reality
And said to me
No honey!
Did you think it was going to be that easy?
The world isn’t so black and white
And your future isn’t so bright
No matter how much you would like for it to be
Your mind will never be free
From the invisible shackles of society
I almost reached cloud nine
When everything fell apart
Now I am running out of time
Still going out of my mind



I broke myself in two
To please a lesser man
Listen, because it’s not like me to talk down on somebody
I see us all as equals
But this man was evil
He said
I want to make you feel good
But you can’t tell anyone the truth
This type of feel good has to be kept secret
He promised it wouldn’t hurt
And I broke in two to please this man
Not literally
He broke me
And left me there with her
Two of me
The real me that retreated into self pity
And the angry me that wanted the whole world to hurt as bad as I did
I was broken in two for a long time
Today, I am working on getting back what’s mine
My pride


Battling with my inner Self

The world told me
You couldn’t get this degree
It wasn’t part of your mentality
It wasn’t what you were meant to be
Girls like you broken and bruised
Have a shortness in their longevity
To persevere
And be more than a statistic
I went on and got this degree
To prove to them these numbers are just a formality
There is more to me
I can be just like them now
Hold positions of power
And impact the community
I can make the world even better now
That we are on the same level
The world then said to me
This degree isn’t just a formality
Rather to improve your identity
Because you are still black
And privilege you lack


The system is broken

The importance of support in my journey to self discovery has been very real.

Please do not undermind my healing process and the strength of a warm embrace. 

I drew my courage from the collective power in the room that night, and picked up a mic willingly for the first time.

Hold me still sister, I almost died trying to get here to you. 




Thank you

Don’t forget to be you on these online platforms created for false illusions
I write my truth to papers
So you can understand my inner layers
I have been all about my Fro For so long
It’s easy to forget what is deeper
You are not alone my sister
I have found how to be FroFrostrong
At peace with mind, body and soul
I have found how to be FroFrostrong
Drawing strength in our collective power
We are stronger now than ever
I have found how to be FroFrostrong
I am not afraid to admit I was wrong
When I said I was okay all alone



I told myself
They wouldn’t understand
How I spoke with a different accent
So therefore I must be silenced
Today I fight back against internalized self oppression
How your words affect my potential to practice self expression?
To say my accent makes me more exotic
Yet you are skeptic of my ability to publicly speak
This is so anti-climatic
How you want me to silence myself for your comfortability?
Because how dare I make you feel uncomfortable?
My tongue became so unstable
How could I speak if I wasn’t able?
This almost sounds like a fable, yet so relatable.


Reclaiming your voice